Blessid Union – The Original

Blessid Union Of Souls was formed in a small project recording studio in Cincinnati Ohio by Jeff Pence, Matt Senatore and Eliot Sloan. A short time later CP Roth was brought in as associate producer and musician. He can play anything. When is was time to showcase in front of interested record labels Eddie Hedges was brought in to play drums and percussion.

In 1993 Jeff Pence and Eliot Sloan signed their first record deal together on SBK / Chrysalis / EMI Records. Shortly afterwards they started recording new material to go along with their 4 song demo which included “I Believe”, “Let Me Be The One”, “Oh Virginia”, and “Home”. Matt Senatore was producing with associate producer CP Roth. The songs were written mostly by Matt Senatore, Jeff Pence and Eliot Sloan at this point.

The 1st CD was released on EMI Records in 1995 and the original band lineup was formed. Jeff Pence – Guitars/Backing Vocals, Eliot Sloan – Lead Vocals/Keyboards, CP Roth – Keyboards/Harmonica/Backing Vocals, Eddie Hedges – Drums/Backing Vocals and Tony Clark – Bass